Latin Week Houston 2020

The meteoric growth of the City of Houston continues to attract people from around the world, earning it the designation of “Most Diverse City”. Though an honorable distinction, many areas of the arts do not reflect this fact, especially with regards to the presentation of Latin American arts and artists. 

Performance arts in the City of Houston almost exclusively focuses on the City's European influences with very little regard to other major cultures in the Houston-area.  It is accurate to say that Latin American culture is not Latin American without the Indigenous, the European, the Gypsy and the African. For so long, little or no attention has been  given to the undeniable influence that Indigenous and African contributions have made in the shaping of the arts, culture and lifestyle in Latin America. This lack of representation is one of the factors which inspired Latin Week Houston, and although the City of Houston ranks in the top five most populated cities in the country, there is no event which strongly and permanently presents the convergence of these cultures, music and traditions in one event. 

The mission of Latin Week Houston is simple: showcase all influences to Latin American performance art with dignity and respect while preserving Latin American arts for years to come. From the traditional to current trends, Latin Week Houston's  incredible roster of artists seeks to expose the City of Houston and  beyond, to the beauty, the passion and the exuberant energy contained  in the many influences that contribute to making Latin American arts  what they are today. 

January 16-25, 2020

Events will take place at various times and locations.  Click the button below for more information about individual events.